NZ Digital Health Strategy

The Ministry of Health is developing a Digital Health Strategy to guide the use of digital technologies in New Zealand's health system.     

Approval of the Strategy will be through the Director General of Health and a release date will be announced in due course.

Publication will be on this website and via a downloadable PDF document.   The new Digital Health Strategy will support delivery of the Vision for Health Technology.

The Digital Health Strategy has been created via engagement with the sector and other stakeholders such as consumers, academia and industry partners through literature review, briefings to sector groups, face to face workshops and online collaboration.  

Rapid digital change requires continuous monitoring and review and our engagement will be ongoing.  

One of the measures that will be used to evaluate progress in implementing the Digital Health Strategy is the Global Digital Health Index (GDHI), an interactive digital resource that tracks, monitors, and evaluates the use of digital technology for health across countries. The GDHI was launched in May 2018 and New Zealand data has been included.

The Ministry is also publishing a series of Digital Health Stories to share experiences of implementing digital health services nationwide. Read these here.